By William Melvin Dye: A Family Keepsake.

My Home

My good old country home, which I so highly appreciate is situated in Meigs Co. this State, ten miles from Pomeroy, which is situated on the Ohio River, and is the county seat to Meigs county, and one mile from Harrisonville a small village of about four hundred inhabitants in the southeast part of Scipio Township.

It is located at the junction of the Pomeroy and Wilksville public road running east and west and the Rutland and Albany roads running North and South which admit of considerable travel in the summer season.

The greater portion of my father's farm is located on the east brach of Leading Creek a stream of considerable size which flows into the Ohio River about three miles below Middleport situated in the same County.

The surrounding country is composed of well cultivated farms, and some splendid timber lots which has been very valuable to that country.

Our dwelling and barns are fram structures situated a short distance from the road on an elevated piece of ground and well enclosed with picket and board fencing.

The dwelling is a plain two story country house 30 ft. wide by 34 ft. long, with a double varanda fronting to the road. It is roofed with tim and situated on a large cellar wall whech is seen ft. high on the low side, and contains nine rooms, five of which are below and four above.

The sitting room has 3 doors the first entering from the lower varanda, the second from the west end of the house and the 3rd entering the dining hall, this room is finished in black walnut and the rest of the lower story is finished in chestnut. The upper story is finished in red pine, and is composed of four rooms, two of which are of considerable size, and are used in case of an over supply of company.

The yard is shaded by about eighteen cedar trees from five to ten feet high and well sodded with blue grass, and I have been aware of the fact for sometime that it is a much better place to room than down on Main St.

I left my father and mother and two younger brothers to enjoy the pleasures of that home while I came to Lebanon (Ohio) to attend school.


copied from notes of JFD by jwd. The author, William Melvin Dye, died of Typhoid Fever at the age of 19. His parents must have kept this essay -( maybe written for a school assignment?) and it may have given them some comfort after their loss. The younger brothers mentioned, per JFD, are Webber and Delbert Dye.-