Entering 'passenger lists' on a search engine turned up 6812 hits. From the first 120 I chose 50 that sounded interesting. Many of these are simply lists of other sites that have actual passenger lists - there will be many duplications on these lists. Use these links any way you wish. If the links don't work - don't worry - I am sure there is enough duplication to make one missing link not significant.

National Archives of Canada.
Immigration. There are instructions on how your library or genealogy organization may borrow microfilms for the cost of the return postage. Follow their links for more valuble informantion. This is an excellent site with material I have not seen anywhere else. This will be very helpful to many GER-Rus.

Boarding at Hamburg: Passenger Lists 1890 to 1914 are promised here in the year 2000. If they keep this promise (actually for winter 1999 - I cut them some slack) it will be a great resource for the GER-RUS community.

Index to Passenger Lists - Size 9.0K
Passenger and Ships Lists
are a valuable resource in locating the origins and destinations of your ancestors. I have collected these sites as I had come across them in my journeyings through the Internet.
On the Trail of Our Ancestors/Index to Ships' Lists

Genealogy.com: Locating Ship Passenger Lists
by Myra Vander. If your ancestors arrived between 1891 and 1954, Immigration Passenger Lists are valuable. Immigrants were asked to provide information such as: Marital status
Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals
--Customs Record Group 36 Atlantic, Gulf, and Great Lakes Ports A Supplemental Index to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Atlantic and Gulf Coast Ports (Excluding New York), 1820--1874.
Australia Passenger Lists
DataMarine UK's premier source for Maritime Databases! PASSENGER LISTS TO AUSTRALIA In the five years leading up to the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, countless thousands of British chose to leave these shores for a new life far from home.
Family Tree Makers Immigration Site:
Finding a ship name with passenger lists Passenger lists will generally give you the name of the ship that your ancestor arrived on. However, when using passenger lists, you should be aware of their limitations:
Immigration Manifest Microfilm Main Menu:
Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, NY, 1897--1957. T715. 8,892 rolls. (%Rolls 6675--8892 are new listings, and a complete list of rolls has been added.)
Genealogy Resources on the Internet
- WWW/Passenger lists; S... PASSENGER LISTS; SHIPS; SHIP MUSEUMS URL: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~...
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Ships, Genealogy, emigrant locations & other sites of in.
This site has most of the geneaology, emigrants, historical, culture, and death records sites.
Cyndi's List - Ships & Passenger Lists
More than 41,700 categorized and cross-referenced links for genealogy in over 100 different categories!
Passenger Lists From Ireland - 1803
William Ford - Gentleman John Morris - Servant William Sherlock - Servant Hugh Jackson - Servant Robert Gibson - American Merchant Robert Teeling - Clerk James Murphy - Labourer John Hobleton - Labourer ... - Size 6.1K - 21 Jun 1997
On-line sourcing of Australasian Passenger Lists
AUSNZ Passenger Lists This site is designed to help family help family historians locate passenger lists for migrant ships to - Size 8K - in English
(17/7/99) Over 4,000 geneology links to ships passenger lists, cemetery transcriptions, censuses for UK & Ireland, USA, Europe, Canada, Australia & NZ
Passenger List
We have come across many sites containing ship records and passenger list while searching the Internet. They cover ships sailing between the early 1600's through early 1900's.
Passenger Lists
This area of my website contains the passenger lists of many ships that made the journey across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States/Canada area. These passenger lists are by no.....
Books of Passenger Lists
Barnes and Nobel Books to Research your ancestors. All discounted. Many bargains. Free Frequent Flyer Miles for Purchases. Search engine. Sweepstakes and contests.
Passenger Arrival Lists
Immigrants have been arriving in America since well before Columbus. European immigrants have been settling in what is now the United States since the earliest years of the
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Complete Mayflower Passenger List
There were 102 passengers that embarked on the Mayflower, including three pregnant women. - Size 9.4K - 4 May 1998
Genealogy Links. Passenger Ship Links
. More Genealogy Links. Down To The Sea In Ships - Lost At Sea Dutch Passenger Lists Early Philadelphia Ship Lists Home Page
Passenger Lists
Sites with Genealogical Source Material. Irish Passenger Lists. New | Aus | Canada | UK | US | Emigrants | Search | Maps | Miscellaneous | Home | Mail Me.. - Size 21K - in English - 17-Jul-98
Ships and Passenger Lists
Ships and Passenger Lists... If you know of any other sites...please send me the URL or a link. Send to carrielean@aol.com You are the visitor to this site since June 26, 1999
inGeneas Canadian Genealogy
We're inGeneas and we want to help you find your Canadian roots! Search one of our on-line databases -- including the only electronic version of the National Archives of Canada Miscellaneous Immigration Index and the ... - Size 1.7K - 17 Sep 1998
LISTED HERE ARE /microfilm/immigrant/imm...
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Passenger ships in other ports To locate films for ship manifests into ports other than New York at your local Family HIstory Center you can use this easy method-
Passenger Lists for Early Ships to Otago, NZ
for the earliest ships to Port Chalmers, Otago - between 1848-1851. The lists include some additional genealogical information.
Passenger Lists
Passenger Lists Includes Overland Trails Lists They change 1762-176 Index of Passenger Surnames Index to Ships' Lists
Genealogy Update: Immigrant/Passenger Lists
Immigrant/Passenger Lists. Revised 3/26/96 93-076. Anuta, Michael J. Ships of our Ancestors. 1983. Gene VM381 .A58 1983. Baker, Dessie. Port of Derry ship. - Size 19K - in English - 28-May-99
Ship Manifest Records
Ship manifest records are obtained from records at the National Archives
Irish Passenger Lists
Irish Passenger Lists. "Eagle" List of passengers in the EAGLE from New York, sworn at Belfast, 10 March, 1804. Note that the second figure is the height.. - Size 26K - in English - 21-Oct-97
Ship's Passenger Lists for Pictou
Ship's Passenger Lists to Pictou, Nova Scotia - Size 4.8K - 13 Apr 1999
The Dutch Emigration Trilogy
- Ship Passenger Lists [ AltaVista] 3 centuries ship passenger lists on internet available for you. 'The Dutch Emigration Trilogy': The spring board for genealogical research across... - Size 59K - 3-Aug-98
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NOPL Genealogy Guide--Passenger and Crew Lists
Passenger and Crew Lists Several series of microfilm relate to passenger lists. Because of gaps caused by lists which were missing at the time of filming, it is sometimes necessary to search in several places to locate an individual.
Ireland to New Brunswick Passenger Lists
"Zephyr" Passengers To New Brunswick: The Custom House Records -- 1833, 34, 37 & 38 - An exerpt provided by Mrs.. - Size 6K - in English - 1-Jan-98
Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals on Microfilm
An index to genealogical microfilm rolls published by the National Archives and Records Administration
German genealogy: Emigration from Germany
German and American Sources for German Emigration to America (by Michael Palmer) Passenger Lists, Hamburg 1850-1934, ocean ship passenger lists. (7-Aug-1995)
Ship's Passenger Lists and Indexes
This Page is an introduction to some of the resources available for Genealogists, Family and Social Historians, and Geographers of all persuasions, whether they are interested in finding their ancestor or in studying broader patterns or concerns.
Immigrants to Canada in Nineteenth Century - Ships - Emigrat...
And Ships They Came On: Courtesy of Zack Jennings The information on these pages has been extracted from various government records, as well as the odd shipping record (mostly from the Allan Line).
Lunenburg County Genealogy
includes cemetery transcriptions, ship passenger lists, births, deaths and marriage info, and much more.
Ships Index
Provided by Jenny Fawcett Two Part Format..Newspaper References and Further Links... The following is an index for references to Ships 1829 - 1900, the references are mostly taken from........
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Guide to Immigration Records and Ship's Passenger Lists
Table of Contents IMMIGRATION AND SHIPS PASSENGER LISTS RESEARCH GUIDE TABLE OF immigration records and ship's passenger lists, both on-line and
Port of New York, 1820-1957
This page features genealogical resources available at the National Archives and Records Administration - Size 7.5K - 2 Jun 1999
Public Record Office | Finding Aids | Leaflets | Ships' Passenger Lists, 1878-1960
Ships' Passenger Lists, 1878-1960 Domestic Records Information 56 Records Information 56 Ships' passenger lists among the records of
Start Here! Directory of Passenger Lists
- Genealogy Passenger lists can help bridge your research between the family homeland and the country they immigrated to. Browse through this directory of over... - Size 17K - in English - 23-Mar-99
ISTG - Ships Passenger Lists
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild. Listed by Date [1600's] [1700's] [1800's] [1900's] Listed by Ship's Name. Listed by Port of Departure [Argentina]... - Size 7K - in English - 30-May-99
Ships & Passenger Lists
This page of links was developed for our own use after spending many hours, searching the web for information on ships and passenger lists We decided to put these links on a separate page for fast loading and share the list with our fellow genealogy researchers.
Emigration to America: Passenger Lists
German Immigrants; Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York , ed. Gary Zimmerman and Marion P. Wolfert (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1985-1993). Vol. 1 (1985): ... - Size 77.5K - 26 Jul 1996
The CSTA Project Page
The CSTA Project Page The Best of the Best!! Welcome to the VU University Practical Internet Genealogy CSTA study group page. The goal of our members is to make it easier for researchers to learn about immigration/passenger lists on the web.
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