Data I found on a border crossing microfilm 1561366 March 15, 1915

Katie SCHLAZEL age 39, born in Saratov, Russia, landed in Philidelphia in May 1911 and traveled with Susanna 4 from Red Ciff, Canada to Longmont, CO to join husband Phillip SCHLAZEL.

There follows a very fruitful email exchange on this bit of data. This sort of material should be helpful to all readers as the process of working it out continues.
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Hi Jayne:

I think you may have added a piece to my puzzle with your posting of border
crossings.  I believe the entry for Katie Schlazel is actually my
grandmother, although her name was Margaret Schlegel.  Most of the rest of
the information is correct.  My Aunt Sue would have been 4 and my
grandfather's name was Philipp.  The family went from Red Cliff to the U.S.
some time between 1914 and 1916 because my mother (who would have been an
infant and not listed) was born in 1914 in Red Cliff and my other aunt was
born in 1916 in Wyoming.  My grandparents were from Pobochnoye, Saratov.
The area around Red Cliff at that time consisted of about 40 people and I'm
sure there were no other Schlegels.  How she got listed as Katie I have no
idea, except that she may have said Margaretha with a thick accent and the
immigration persons weren't sure what they heard.  I have been looking at
New York arrivals as my mother said she thought that is where they landed,
but your posting states Philadelphia.  I will now turn my attention there.
That could be my missing link, as a brother of my grandfather also arrived
with them, but was rejected entry to the U.S. and instead went to
Argentina.  We don't know his name so can't search there.  If I can find
him on the ships passenger list, then I will have a name.

I will try to get the film for these border crossings so that I can look at
the entry myself, but it won't be for about a month because my son is
getting married in two weeks and all my attention is going to that.  If I
have luck with this, I will let you know and get you to change the
information once I determine what is correct.

Every once in a while, little pieces of information like this fall in my
lap.  I found the record of twins being born to my grandmother in 1912
while searching church records.  None of the family knew about them.  I was
shaking when I copied the information down.  When I saw your posting it
almost took my breath away.

Thank you for going to the effort to pass the information along.  It made
my day and makes me realize more than ever that by sharing our research we
help others to put together their family picture.  I have paid Dr. Pleve to
provide me with information and have passed it on to anyone who asks, but I
have also run into others searching the same family name from the same
village who will not share what they have found because they put in the
effort and paid for it.  Why should we all pay for the same information
over and over?

If there is anything I can do for you in the Calgary area, let me know.


Email for:  Norma Lamont     
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Researching Pobochnaya for Schlegel, Wilhelm, Schneider, Leinweber

Norma, Today I checked that roll again at the FHC (1561366 vol 342 page39 lines 15 & 16. One more bit of information: Definitely written Schlazel Katie 39 and Susanna age 4. The new information is a notation for Katie: ' accompanied by 2 children ' and only Susanna is mentioned. The immigration official may have erred or there mayhave been a child in arms. The landing in Philidelpha, May 1911 is very clearly written. Jayne
Hi Jayne: Thank you for checking again. I am sure this is my grandmother. My mother would have been 9 months old so would have been the second child. My aunt would not have turned 5 until September of 1915 so would have been listed as 4. My grandmother spoke no English so I think that could account for the discrepancy in name, the immigration officer probably writing what he heard. My grandfather told my mother many, many years later that they had come through New York and arrived in Calgary in May 1912, but he was well into his 80's then. I have been looking at New York ship manifests for 1912 with no luck. I will now turn my attention to Philadelphia and will check 1911 and 1912 as well as border crossing from the U.S. to Canada for those years. All of this could account for my being unable to find them previously. They may have landed in 1911 and gone somewhere else first, then continued on to Calgary. Justification for this thought in next paragraph. I am sure you have solved my problem. My grandfather really let no moss grow under his feet. My aunt was born in Russia in September 1910. After they arrived in Calgary (twins born 1912, died), they went to Red Cliff (mom born 1914), then Wyoming (twins born 1916, my aunt survived), to Oklahoma (my grandmother's sister living there), to Arlee Montana by 1919 (uncle born), to Corvallis Montana by 1922 (grandmother died giving birth). My mother and her siblings were then left in an orphanage in Montana and my grandfather returned to Calgary where he remarried in 1924. The children joined him in 1927 and that is where he finally stayed. But what a merry life he must have led my poor grandmother, who I think was pregnant most of the time. I can't trace all the births, but she had 16 babies of whom 4 survived. I will let you know any information I discover as things go along. As I said, I won't have a chance to look into this for another month. Thanks again for all the help. Norma
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