In the foreground Daniel Wise and wife Lucy Ann Boileau (holding their grandson, John & Nellie's boy, Webber C.,who was born in 1914). Standing behind are Dale W. Dye and his brother John F. holding his daughter Doris, Nellie Carpenter Dye (John's wife) and Emma Wise (mother of Dale b. 1898 and John F. b. 1888). A young Webber Wellington Dye is picture # 4. Elizabeth Knopp Wise (mother of Daniel Wise, grandmother of Emma Wise) is the 5th picture to right. Scroll RIGHT
      Dale      Doris     John F.        Nellie        Emma
Daniel Lucy Ann (Webber) A younger Emma Wise younger still Webber Wellington Dye Elizabeth Knopp Wise (Emma's mom)& Emma Wise (1942)
Emma Wise her Parents her children her grandchildren Young Adult Emmavery young Emma

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