Galka was home. Chris, the 9 year old seen below said "The Volga was just 2 blocks from our house." Click on Pictures of Galka by Dick Kraus taken June 2001 to have a grand view of what Uncle Chris remembered. These are magnificent.

Heinrich Wunsch, Katerina Elizabeth, Maria, Henry, Fred, Alexander, Christian -  in Rocky Ford Colorado 1916
All of these people were born in Galka prior to emigration to Canada in 1913

Bck: Fred ~ 16, Maria ~ 18, Henry ~ 22, Alexander ~ 10,
Frt: Katarina Elisabeth ~ 51, Christian ~ 9, Heinrich Wunsch ~ 50,
Taken in Rocky Ford Colorado in 1916 - one year in the US.

The boys all grew up to have stooped backs - which they ascribed to their 'hobby' of weeding sugar beets. When asked what made them adopt this 'hobby' Alexander replied - "Dad's Hoe Handle".

Senator Christian Wunsch - Colorado Senate

Colorado Senator Christian Wunsch
from a matchbook photo.

Jody Schmidt sent this picture of Johann Freidrich Wunsch and Maria Margaretha Lust (Loust). Could a Lust/Loust searcher fill in some additional information about Maria M. ?
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Jody Schmidt contributed the following picture of Katharina Margaretha Wunsch Borgert
[parents pictured just above - Johann Freidrich Wunsch and Maria Margaetha Lust/Loust]
with her second husband Jacob Arnbrister. Shortly after this picture was posted to the web we learned that the child is Jacob's youngest daughter. She is Bettye Grant's Aunt Rose, living and well at the age of 96 years in December 2001. I would appreciate any additional information on the Borger line or the Arnbrister line.
Further Contacts desired.
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Jody Schmidt contributed this picture of Adam Kelln and Mary Katherine Wunsch.
We are hoping to find links to the Kelln Searchers. . Can any Kelln searchers shed some light on this Kelln family?
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