If there are other good fruitful mail-lists out there that you can recommend, please tell me of them. Currently we have only two lists to subscribe to and watch.

Galka has a web community to post pictures and news on also - which everyone interested may join. [Please join, I am lonely here by myself!] MSN Galka Community

To join the GR-GENEALOGY mailing list you may click on GR-GENEALOGY . and send the message.     From then on messages to the list are sent to the address : is Only quote that part of a message which explains your reply, not the whole message. Make subject lines meaningful and retain the same subject line as long as that is pertinent to your comments - this way following threads by subject is greatly enhanced. To do a search in all the prior messages sent by other members since the list was started click on:

You may join the Ger-Volga mailing list by clicking on GER-VOLGA. This mail list is one of the thousands maintained by is the address to which a message for the list is sent.

To search the archives click on this URL:
Enter the name of the list: ( ger-volga ) and follow the directions.

These are excellent resources. Beware: your own messages will be archived for all time - please be concise, informative, and significant.
[Personal messages such as 'Thank you' and 'You were right' should be sent to the individual PERSON not to the list for perpetual archival storage.]