Settlers' record - Galka - 1767

1767: Dr. Pleve provided this copy of the Galka colony's first settlers' record list. It was included in the material supporting the WUNSCH Chart for Galka. This list shows Johannes as age 30 in 1767 (born abt. 1737) and his wife as 25 (born abt. 1742) Dr. Pleve considered these ages as more likely than the ones entered on the census of 1798. He stated he had seen other cases in which the settlers' chose to appear older than their actual age because there were tax benefits that applied to those over age 60.

Xerox copy from the Galka colony's first settlers' record lists of 1767: Family of Johannes Wunsch: age 30 (born abt 1737)

Galka Census - 1798

Dr. Pleve also provided this copy of the Census of Galka of 1798 showing household #45 of Johannes Wunsch.
Johannes age is now given as 70 years (born abt. 1728), wife 61 (born abt. 1737).

The connecting line really is at the top, creating a 7, not a 4.

AHSGR - Census 1798

AHSGR provides this information from the Census of 1798 - the age of Johannes is 40 but this would appear to be a typographical error.   Copy made from Brent Mai's book Vol 1.


Map of the Southern portion of the German Autonomous Republic. The Volga River is on the left hand side and GALKA (Ust Kulalinka) is seen at a bend of the river. Galka is in the Kamenka Kanton. SARATOW, further north on the Volga, is not in the picture. Near the right margin is the daughter colony of NEU GALKA. Neu Galka is in the Pallasowka Kanton.


Close up of Galka from previous map.


Close up of Neu Galka from previous map