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MARCH 1915 --- GER-RUS

LDS microfilm # 1561366 St. Albans Records

. Latest update: 9-14-99.
The surnames and place names are the closest I could make out from the handwriting. I am aware that many are wrong. If readers can make corrections I will be glad to post them.

Please note that while all these people crossed the border in the same month they were not necessarily traveling together. There were several crossing points. This is one of the better quality microfilms - the page numbers are legible in the lower left corner of the 'names' page.

If I couldn't read some of the data then those interested may want to order the film at their FHC and give it another try. Corrections and additions will be added to this page, if sent to me.

Can any reader tell us what the references to Debarred, appended, dismissed and file # 110044/1454 are all about?

. August STEBNER, a 22 year old 5' 10" farm laborer born in Rudnia Russia , left his mother Minnie in Rudnia. His final destination was Kettle Falls, Minn. where he had a job with the M&O Power Co. He originallly landed at Halifax on Sept. 1911. He had been in Minn. previously from3/9/1914 to 11/1914 and was currently traveling from Fort Frances, Canada. Page 8, line 7:
Charles Theodore SCHROEDER , a machinist, age 40, 5'7 1/2", born in Zebeln Russia. No relatives in Russia. He was previously in the US in various places, leaving Nov 18, 191?. His destination is Mizpah, Minn to join his friend Jas LA BRIE. He originally landed in NY and crossed to Canada by bridge in November 1875.Page 8, line 10:
Bruno (?) GIESINGER 5'7", traveling with wife, Julia (?) age 21, 5'1" to join Bruno's mother (I wonder if it should have read mother-in-law?) Tor_se K__tz (could be KUNTZ) in Berwick (?) ND. Bruno was born in Odessa, Russia and has a father, Bruno, still there. He landed in NY in 1901 SS Unknown but Julia appears to have been born in Napoleon, ND. Both had prev. been in the US leaving in Oct. 1914 and apparently crossing back on Feb 27, 1915. Page 135, lines 1,2
Ferdinand HILDEBRAND born in Petrowka, Russia landed in Quebec on Aug 18, 1913 on the Athenia. He left Neche ND on Dec 28, 1914 and returned on 3-10-1915 via CPR to Neche ND joining his daughter Mrs. Albert STEINKE. Nearest Russian relative: Wife Anna in Drasno Volhynia.

Jacob SCHIMPF 21 yrs born in Hoschen, Russia landed in Quebec Jan 10, 1912 SS Ausonia and traveled from Wayburn Canada to Hamden ND via Portal ND to join uncle Christian FOCK. Nearest Russian relative: Cousin George SCHIMPF in Stodrinastahl, Russia
Page 137 starts here.

FOCHSfamily of 4, nearest relative in Usenbach, Russia: father Jacob FOCHSS. traveling from Rhein (?), Canada to Laurel ND. Page 137, lines1-4. I failed to note the rest.

Jacob KRAFT 26, laborer, 26, born Shumach (?) Russia 5'7" blue eyes accompanied by wife Nania (very questioable) 26, born in Lana,.Russia, also blue eyes. Both landed at Quebec on 9-30-1911 on the Ausonia. They travel from Rheims, Canada to Sugar City MI to join a friend, John BAUER
Gotleib EISTED, 32, frarmer last perm address Laduc Canada. Nearest Russian relative is wife Elvina EISTED of Volinsky, Russia.
Emanuel BOHL, 21, laborer 5'9" born in Volinska, Russia, 5'9", reads and writes, landed in Quebec on May 23, 1913 on the SS Samland. Crossed the border on 2-24-1915. Nearest relative in Russia is brother Emil BOHL.
Heinrich MA _ _ _ KE age 40, farmer, born in Bjelim, Russia. Nearest relative in Russia - wife Maria of Sar_fka.
Heinrich SCHINEMAN [an approximation of the name] age 25 previously in Milwaukie leaving there on July 12, ?? now joining brother in law Peter HEIMSTEIN in North Milwaukie, WI. accompanied by wife Katarina 23. Both were born in Saratov, Russia and both landed in Quebec on May 11, 19?? on the SS Albani. Crossed on 3/3/15.
Bernard TSCH _ _ LLER 23, single, laborer, leaves his mother Margreta TSCHROFFER(?) in Pro _ _ _ va Russia to join uncle Ludwig GEHRING in Garrison ND. Bernard was born in Romanows, Russia and landed in Quebec on July 11, ?? SS Unknown.
Joseph FLECK, 62, 5'7", farmer, accompanied by wife Elizabeth, 58, 5'3". His cousin, Machin KACEI is in Landrach (?) Russia. They were previously in NY leaving there in October of 1913. They landed in NY in Oct of 1913 on the SS George Washington,.they crossed the border on Feb 4, 1915. to join their son Adam in Robinson ND. Both were born in Landau, Russia.
Page 138.

Dorthea EDMON, 36, with Ferderick 17, Maria 14, Lina 12, Albert 8, Alma 6, and Hulda 4, travelled from Melville, Canada to join their husband and father in Golden Valley ND. They landed in Quebec July/1911 on the SS Beamth (?). Nearest relative in Russia: Christian REICHENBERG of Saratino (?) Russia.

Volume 342 begins here.

Molly PIEL age 27, born in Kamsch, Russia traveled with Victor 8 yrs and Lilly 7 yrs from Calgary to Billings Montana (crossing at Sweet Grass, Montana) to Join husband George Piel. NOTE: there is a statement included that Molly is accompanied by 3 children altho only 2 are listed. Vol 342, page 39, lines 5-7

Philip STUGIT/STERGIT age 40 born in Saratov, Russia traveled from Red Cliff, Canada to Longmont CO to join Friend Adam Stugit/Stergit.

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Emil LIETKEdebared, appended, dismissed file 11004/1541. 35 years. Landed Quebec May 13, 1912. traveling from 125 Riverlan Ave, Winnipeg to join nephew Emanuel FERSTER in Detroit MI. Nearest relative in Russia: sister Augusta in Postamitz, Volinski. Emil born in Plotzk, Russia.

Julius RISTAU 40, carpenter born Bobretz, Russia travels from 860 Winnipeg Ave. in Winnipeg to brother Alfred in Ranie, Minn. or St. John, OR. (?) He landed in Halifax on May 6, 1913 on the SS Quinian. Nearest relative in Russia: wife Emma of Skoloborne, Zitomir, Russia.
Wilhelm Erdman LEDER 32, born in Prezucha, Russia joining brother Robert in Platte Center, NE as a contract laborer. traveling from 2209 Gallegher, Winnipeg. Landed Halifax, May 22, 1913 on SS Bosnia. Nearest relative in Russia: wife Adelaide of Rudna, Volina. Debarred, appended, sustained 3-10-15 file 11001/1407
Robert DAMROSE 33, farmer, from Dominion City, Canada to join uncle Wm BAHR in South Bend IN. Prev in US 1904 to 1911, leaving Nov. 1911. Landed in Halifax Aug 1912 on the SS N _ _ _ n. Nearest relative in Russia: father Karl of Bana - - - - oka in Volina.
Katie SCHLAZEL age 39, born in Saratov, Russia, landed in Philidelphia in May 1911 and traveled with Susanna 4 from Red Ciff, Canada to Longmont, CO to join husband Phillip SCHLAZEL.
{Note: Read the email exchanges on this family now thought to be . Margaretha (Margaret) SCHLEGEL, husband Philipp hailing from Pobochnoye, Saratov and daughter Susanna.
Jacob KELLAR. born in Saratov, Russia traveled with wife Marie 30 and children Heinrich 5 and Maie 3 from Calgary to Scotts Bluff NE.
Phillip OCHS born in Saratov, Russia, landed in Quebec July 29, 1912 and traveled with his wife and five children, Susan 19, Sophia 18, Henry 16, Sophia 14, and Peter 5 from Ivetaskeurie to Longmont, CO
The following 7 folk were debared, then appended, then dismissed. Reference is made to file # 110044/1447 and /1496. Significance not known

Adolf ANDERT 28 born in Norin [Morin?] joining cousin Johann in Lansing MI. Nearest Russian relative: Wife Augusta in Norin Volinsky Russia. Adolf was born in Norin, Russia. Landed on March 26, 1914 in Emerson CA on the SS Barbarosa (That doesn't seem right!) He passed through Pt Huron Michigan on March 26, 1914 (therefore he probably didn't land in CA same day!). He was debarred, appended 3-10-15, dismissed 3-20-15 and his file # is 11004/1447 (meaning unk). Page 116.

Friederich ULMER 28 born in Roziaize (?) accompanied by wife Juliana and children Martha 5 Henry 1 (wife and children born in Hazenfiel) arrived on the SS Armenia in March 1914. Traveling to Wither, WI to Join Friederich's brother Henry.

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Philip HERMAN 31 Matilda and Natalia 22 born in Schaefer landed in Quebec May 4, 1914 on the SS Welchad (?) of the Canada Line SS Co. traveling from Rhein, Sask. to Sheboygan WI to join Philip's brother Gottlieb. Nearest Russian relative: father Johannes in Schaefer, Samara.
Michael BRONN 19 born in U (or N) czyn landed in Halifax 5-27-14 on the SS Russia of the Russ-American Line SS Co. traveling from Rosenfeld Canada to Neche ND. Nearest relative father Karl.
The following two were Debarred at the Port of Winnipeg 3/24/1915. Whether admitted later not specified. No file # given.

Christian SCHULTZ 45 born in Walson going to Marion SD to join friend John Unrich. Nearest Russian relative: brother Iamb in Walson, Chonoka, Volina Russia. Page 125

Peter BERTRAM 32 years, from 504 Redwood Ave. Winnipeg. Born in Kraft. Nearest relative in Russia: brother Henry in Kraft, Saratov. Page 125

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This family is my Grandfather, Grandmother, father (Alexander) and my aunt and three uncles.

For more information: Use please contact me

Heinrich WUNSCH 48 landed at Quebec on July 1, 1913 on the SS Barcelona from Bremen. Accompanied by wife Katerina Elizabeth (nee Wunsch) 49, Friedrich 13, Alexander 10, Christian 8, and Marie 17. All six born in Galka (Ust Kulalinka). All lived at 795 Redwood Ave in Winnipeg. Entered the US at Noyes, Minn. March 4, 1915 to join Heinrich's half-brother Fred Freudenberger in Rocky Ford, CO. Nearest Relative in Russia: Heinrich's brother Gottfried of Kamysyn, Saratov. Page 126.

Next 9 families found on page 128
Henry PIEL 25, 5 ft 7 1/2 in. born in Schwab, arrived in New York, NY in April 1906. Living at 684 Redwood Ave in Winnipeg. Was previously in the US in Portland, leaving April 5, 1913. Returning on March 24, 1915 to Oakley, KS to join brother George. Nearest Russian relative is father Heinrich in Skodolinsky. Page 128
Gottfried BORGER 30 born Schwab (or Liban or Kamysyn - lines not clear) of 645 Boyd Ave in Winnipeg. Nearest Russian relative: wife Katerina. Dismissed 3-15-15, file # 110044/1454 Page 128
Heinrich SCHWAB 26 arrived in Halifax April 1, 1913 on the SS Heperian. Nearest Russian relative: brother Gottfried in Schwab. Joining 1/2 brother Gottfried BERHARD in Wisconsin. Dismissed 3-15-1915. File # 110044/1454. Page 128
George LERCH ,bricklayer, listed as Russian Lettish born in Liban, Russia traved to Cleveland OH to join his brother-in-law Charles. Nearest Russian relative: father Mcihael in Liban.
Friedrich WOLF 45 accompanied by wife Maria 45, children Elizabeth 14, Maria 8, Johannes 6, Alexander 3 - all born in Dobrinka, Russia landed in Halifax April 10, 1912 traveling from 679 Aberdeen Ave, Winnipeg to Denver CO, crossing the border at Noyes, Minn. on March 9, 1915 to join friend Reinhardt. WEBER Brother Konrad remains in Dobrinka.
Annie WOLF 16 born in Dobrinka landed in Quebec on Nov. 12, 1912 on the SS Cassandra. Traveling from 679 Aberdeen, Winnipeg crossing the border at Noyes, Minn on March 3, 1915. [Appears to belong with the family above.]
Andrew KRETZ born in Dobrinka landed in Portland 1913 on the Wittestand Hind (??) and traveling from 638 Redwood, Winnipeg crossed the border at Noyes, Minn on March 9, 1915.
George GRAF born in Dobrinka landed in Quebec on June 10, 1913 on the Ausonia. Traveling from 638 Redwood Ave, Winnipeg, crossing the border at Noyes, Minn on March 9, 1915.

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Page 129 starts here.
David SCHIMPF38 born in Galka accompanied by Johannes 34 born in Dobirnky and Amalia 29 and George 4 landed in ?? on the Ausonia. Traveling to Denver CO. Nearest Russian relative: David's wife Anna in Dobrinka, Saratov.
George GRAF 33 born in Dobrinkalanded in Halifax on the Hannovin. Traveling from 545 Redwood Ave in Winnipeg to Denver CO. Nearest Russian Relative: sister Katherina in Dobrinka, Saratov
Jacob HILDERMAN 38 and Edward 15 born Holstein traveled to Montana. Nearest Russian relative: Jacob's brother Friedrich in Holstein.
Fred FELDE 25 traveled to Neche, ND. Nearest Russian rel: father Jacob FELDE in Galka.
George WEBER 40 accompanied by wife Eva 39, children Friedrich 11, Henry 9, David 7 landed on the Ausonia, to Denver CO. Nearest Russ. rel: father of George, Johann in Nizhy Dobrinka. Johann is listed as father-in-law of Eva but as uncle of all these children. [Error? or were the children not the children of Eva and George?]
David SCHIMPF 38 with Eva 36 and Andrew 11 landed on the Ausonia. Nearest Russ rel: David's father Adam in Dobrinka.
George MATZLER 30 with Anna 25 and Alexander 4 landed on the Ausonia. Nearest Russian rel: brother George in Dobrinka.

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David GRAF 27 with Maria Katherina 26 to Denver CO. Nearest Russian rel: David's mother Anna in Dobrinka.
Christoff MAYER 30 accompanied by Christina 32 , Karl 6, Maria 5. traveled from 627 Anderson Ave, Winnipeg to Sugar City CO joining Christoff's brother Konrad. Landed in Quebec in November, 1911 SS Pink (RInk?). Nearest Rus. rel: Cristoff's brother Friedrich in Rosenberg. Page 129.
Page 130 starts here
Heinrich REICH with Maria 32, Heinrich 7 Gottfried 2 all born in Galka traveling from 523 Redwood, Winnipeg to Enid OK. Landed in Portland, ME on 1-15-1913 on the Ausonia. Nearest Rus rel: Maria's brother George in Samarinka (?), Russia.Joining Maria's brother, Henry PIEL of Enid OK. Landed in Portland, ME (sic) Jan. 15,1913 SS Ausonia.
Alexander SEIFERT born in Rosenberg, Russia, traveling to join sister Lydia in Bay City, MI. Nearest Rus rel: father Heinrich in Rosenberg. Landed Portland ME 4-13-13 on SS Belgic (?)
David SCHINDLER 37 born in Dobrinka traveling to Eagle Grove, Iowa joining nephew David RUSZ. Nearest Russ relative: wife Anna in Dobrinka.
Johann Konrad HAFFNER 43 born in Oberdorf with Elizabeth 46 and Peter 6 both born in Neu Norga[Norka] to Eagle Grove, IA. Nearest Rus relative: Johann's father Friedrich of Sarolinsky, Saratov.
JacentyHETMAN 45 to ND. Nearest Rus rel: wife Antonia of Glika Volinski.

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Karl GRAFF 28 accompanied by Maria Katherina 28, Karl 7, Alexander 3 to Denver CO joining friend Reinhardt WEBER. Nearest Rus rel: Karl's father Friedrich in Dobrinka
Heinrich WEIMER 53 to Ft Collins CO to join a friend Fred PEIL. Russian relative: brother Reinhardt in Blomenfeld, Samar.
George ABEL and wife Katherine born Ust Kulalinsky, Saratov (Probably Galka?) oining friend Peter JEKEL in Scotts Bluff NE
George USINGER with wife Marie from Miller, Saratov to Scotts Bluff, NE
Johann OBLANDER27 with Anna 27 and Friedrich 6 to Saginaw MI. Rus rel: sister Paulina Sch---- of Ellenboch, Saratov.

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David RUPP 29 . Russian rel: brother Heinrich in Rosenberg, Saratov.
David SCHIMPF 23 joining uncle Henry. Nearest Russian rel: sister Amalia Grauberger [thanks to] of Czenuzrnsky (approx.). Debarred, appealed, dismissed on 3-27-1915. File # 11004/1520 Sorry, I copied little on this entry.
Edward KLATT 37 to Lansing MI to join brother in law Edward ROHDAN. Russian relative: wife Amelia in Koleszya, Volina.Debarred. file # 11004/1519.
Louis KILTAUS to Scotts Bluff NE. Russian relative: father Johannes in Neu Norga[Norka], Saratov. Debarred. No file #.

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Page 131 Christine KILDAU / KILDAN ? 24, with Amalia 3, Konrad 2 from 747 Redwood Ave, Winnipeg, to Scotts Bluff to join her brother-in-law Conrsd STERKLE. All born in Neu Norka. Landed in Quebec on Oct 4, 1912. Father-in-law Johannes remains in Neu Norka.
Jacob NUSS 21 , born in Miller Russia, landed at Quebec on June 21, 1913 pn the SS Pisa, from 741 Garwood Ave to join Uncle Christian in Bayard NE. Nearest Russian relative: Father Henry remains in Miller Saratov Russia
Julia WEBER 18 of 425 Aberdeen Ave, Winnipeg, born in Dobrinka, landed on the Ausonia on Apr. 11, 1912 at Portland, ME. Traveling to join uncle David SCHINDLER in Denver CO. at 3016 Sherman St. Nearest relative in Russia: grandfather Johann in Nizhy Dobrinka, Saratov.
Mollie SCHIMPF 16 of 476 Boyd in Winnipeg, travels to Denver, CO to join her Grandfather Adam.
Heinrich GANZ 39, with Anna Elizabeth 37 and Charlotte 30 to Scotts Bluff NE. Nearest friend in Russia: Friedrich SCHNEIDER who remains in Uzke Korolinsky, Saratov. All three were listed as married.
Jacob SCHULTZ 28 born in Kraft, Russia. Previously in El Paso, TX leaving in March, 1905. Landed in Vera Cruz March 1905. Joining a friend Gottlieb BENKE. Relative in Russia: Brother Gottfried of Kraft, Saratov.
Gottlieb EISSNER 23 born Lutzk. His father Gottfried remains in Zdobna, Volinsky, Russia. Joining a brother in law Herman brelman at Cass Lake Minn. Landed in Halifax Apr. 3, 1912
Jacob STUMF 33 and his wife Katerina 22 born in Neu Balzer. Joining a friend, Jacob REITER, in Laurel Mont. Landed May 1, 1912 in Halifax aboard the SS Bernia/Berina. Relative in Russia: Father Jacob.
Michael METZLER 41, born in Konstantinwrok and Katerina 42 born in Youst and Amalia 9 born in Schilling. Going to Blissfield MI to join Michael's father-in-law Carl HA _ _ _ FT. All Landed in Quebec Oct 1911 on the Laurentia.
Peter HESZLER 30 of 797 Redwood, Winnipeg, born in Neu Norga, Saratov landed in Quebec on the Bremen in July, 1910. Accompanied by Katherina 23. Peter's father Ludwig remains in Neu Norga.
page 132
Johann Geo. NUSS 30, born Danilosoka, joining his uncle Christian in Bayard NE. He was prev in the US, leaving Wisc on Jan 27, 1914. He landed in Quebec on June 20, 1913 on the SS Pisa. His wife Lida remain in Danilow, Saratov.
Rudolf ABRAM 20 born Kalin (sp) Russia landed Qeubec 4-28-1912 on SS Victorian. Father Gottfried remains in Kalin, Volinia. Debarred, appealed. No file # given.
Henrich MALING 30, born in Achida with Maria 30 born in Werchin Krasnuda, Mary 9, Emelia 5, Heinrich 3 (children born in Norga) landed at Halifax on March 17th, 1912 on the SS Kursk. Mother of Heinrich, Katherina remains in Norga, Saratov. The family travels to St. Paul Minn to join Heinrich's brother Jacob.
Adolf DREGER , born in Alta Nuroka (vaguely correct?) landed in Halifax in 1913 on the SS Willehad. His mother, Julia, remains in Piaskoso, Volina, Russia. He travels to Milwaukee. WI.
George KAHL 36 with Julianna 33 and Johannes 4, all three born in Nizny Dobrinka, arrived separately in Canada. George landed in Aug. 1912 on the SS Unknown. Julianna and Johannes landed in Quebec on June 10, 1913 on the Ausonia. George's brother David remains in Nizny Dobrinka. The family went to Cheboygan MI per the record - Sheboygan WI possibly?
George WEIMER 40 with Maria 40 charles 16 Amalia 8 Katerina 6 all born in Kraft go to join a friend, Charles MAYER in Ft. Morgan, CO. George landed in NY in Dec. 1910 and his wife and children landed in Quebec on April 1912 George's brother Reinhart remains in Kraft, Saratov.
John DECKER 30 born in Baltzer, Russia, landed in Boston on March 16, 1912 on the SS Unknown. He is joining his brother in law Alex PI_MECK in Sheboygan, WI. His mother Anna Balzer remains in Saratov.
Paulina DAMROSE 29 is listed as Russin Polish. Her 4 children are listed as Russian German. Eric 11, Linda 9, Hedwig 5, Alfons 4 - one child born in Horodon and one child born in Radnow. landed at Halifax in August 1912 on the SS Noordam. (Names do not seem to be typical of Ger-Rus)
John KULMAN 37 from 304 Stanley St. Winnipeg to Merrill WI. to join his brother-in-law Aug. KREBS John is 6'6", partially bilind in the right eye, born in Novograd, Russia, landed at Halifax on June 26, 1913 on SS Neckar. His wife, Justina, remains in Novograd, Volinsky, Russia.

End of data from 1561366 by Jayne W. Dye - 9-16-99
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