GER-RUS Germans from Russia
From the LDS St Albans border crossing microfilm # 1561365 listing aliens crossing from Canada to the US in February and March of 1915. Partial extraction.
All the following 20 people (to the double line) crossed the border at Sweet Grass, Montana on Feb. 24, 1915.

Conrad REICHERT age 48 accompanied by Katrina 41, Katie 25 (married) and Katie 6 to Meyer ? Montana.

Anna FREDERICK age 24 and married. To Meyer ? Montana
Mary YOUNGMAN age 36 and Mary age 12 to Longmont, CO. also accompanied by 4 children listed as US citizens - John 8, Katie 7, Pauline 4, Henry 2, Anna 5, Mary 2.
Peter SNYDER age 25 and Elizabeth age 24 with Peter 4 and Philip 2 to Longmont, CO
Jacob HOFFARBER age 36 married; to Billings Montana
Jacob HARDT age 31 married: to Billings Montana
Frederich RUPPEL age 31 married; to Billings Montana
end of the 20

Gottfreid BEISEL age 26, laborer listed as Canadian German but born in Galka, Russia crossed at Sweet Grass Montana.
Susanna Katrina SCHNEIDER age 47, dressmaker born in Oberdorf, Russia accompanied by daughters Carolina age 17 born in Jellows ?, Susanna and Paulina age 5 both born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This family entered the US at Eastport, Idaho traveling from Rosenroll ?? Canada to Portland OR to join Susanna's daughter Mrs. Alex LORENZ. A son, Constantine SCHNEIDER remained in Canada.
David KELLN age 24, laborer, married, born in Holstein, Russia arrived in Baltimore MD July of 1910. He crossed the border at Noyes, Minn. on Feb. 2, 1915 to Otis, KS. He had prev. been in Otis in 1910 and left there Jan. 1911. Nearest relative in country of origin given as Fred KELLN of Ust-Galalensky (sp?). His travel companion was Elizabeth KELLN age 20, born in Francage (sp?) who arrived in NY in 1907.
Peter FRICK age 29 accompanied by Sophia age 27 and Adam age 3 traveled from Calgary via Portal, ND in February 1915 to Kinderhook, NY. Joining Peter's brother, Henry FRICK. The family landed in Quebec in Sep. 1913 on the SS Numidian and May, 1913 on the Asiania. Peter was born in Merro (sp?), Russia and Sophia and Adam in Saratov, Russia.
Martin ERTMAN age 45, 5 ft 8 in. tall with fair hair and blue eyes - traveled with his wife Dorthea from Melville, Canada to Golden Valley, ND to join Martin's nephew William ERTMAN.
Robert REICHENBERG, 20 years, single, 5 ft 8 1/2 in. dark complexion with brown hair, blue eyes and a deformed rt 3rd finger, traveled from Melville, Canada to Golden Valley, ND to join his cousin William ERTMAN. Robert and possibly Martin (above) apparently landed in NY July 11, 1915 on the SS Birina. Both are listed as born in Tortini (sp?), Russia.
George KNAUS age 33 accompanied by Katie 32 and Molly 8 traveled from Wetaskmon (sp?), Canada to Billings, Montana. George was previously in the US from 1907 to 1914 in Kansas and left on May 6, 1914. The family landed in NY in Oct. 1907 and all were born in Gresky (sp?) Russia.
Other names noted, crossing at Sweet Grass, Montana, were John HERGERT (email a relative) age 23 and ---- BEFUS 23 years with Mary BEFUS 20, Anna BEFUS and Elizabeth REICHERT. I think all of these people were going to Longmont, CO.
Gottfried BEISEL, age 26, born in Galka, listed as Canadian German.
Alphonse GRATTON, born in Saratov crossed at Sweet Grass, Montana.
Regretfully I did not copy more. The film has been returned to Salt Lake City. If the names seem meaningful to any reader then the film number given above can be ordered for a more complete extraction. If anyone does this and emails me any other pertinent information I will make additions/corrections to this page. Email